Based on Real & Synthetic data

OpinioAI is a platform that lets you tap into the power of synthetic data and get the most out of your existing data to fulfil your research needs.

Whether you are a marketer, a product manager, or an academic, you can get instant insights and feedback with synthetic samples. Or use existing research to build powerful hybrid methodologies.

Built for

 The Synthetic Market Research Era

OpinioAI - Built for Businesses of all Sizes

For businesses that need insights, instantly

Harness the power of LLMs and synthesize new data instantly. Run 1-on-1 interviews or synthetic research for insights at scale.

This is why OpinioAI is perfect for businesses that need some direction, want to do some market research, but don’t have the budgets or time; or as a complement to existing research.

OpinioAI - Built for Market Research Agencies

For businesses that want to reuse existing data

With OpinioAI, use your existing data (such are survey data, transcripts, reports…) as a foundation to generate new insights.

This is why OpinioAI is also perfect for businesses that already have some data and want to reuse, recycle, them to increase accuracy and fully enable hybrid market research.


Tools for Hybrid Market Research

Synthetics Builder

Build your Synthetic Personas and Segment as representation of your buyer persona and target market segment. Use custom attributes, define them as you see fit. 

With the built synthetics you can then focus all your research & discoveries with relevant context.

Synthetic Research

With your synthetics constructed, you’re ready to delve into uncovering insights.

Conduct in-depth one-on-one interviews on any subject, or create a questionnaire for large-scale synthetic research.

Get instant opinions, advice, or insights on any specific queries you may have. It can also aid in content generation or review tasks.


Uncover deeper files from the data you already have. Upload a file, raw dataset, transcriptions, reports, research publication or an academic paper and have it processed and analyzed by OpinioAI.

Retrieve the existing data, use Synthesized Personas to generate new insights based on their context. 


Evaluate creatives

Use OpinioAI to evaluate creatives like never before. 

Assess your positioning statements, value propositions, unique selling points, and challenges through the perspective of your core personas.

Furthermore, evaluate design, ads and other visual assets to get valuable insights, honest opinions, and actionable feedback that are essential for refining your marketing strategy.

The Future…

We’re working hard on introducing the ability to run  interviews, focus groups and help with advanced data reporting. And much, much more…

What do our users say?

“Being a fractional CMO means that I have a lot of different personas I am thinking about in my work.

OpinoiAI‘s persona builder is a powerful tool for me to get to all those different perspectives that matter.”

Fabian Maume
Fractional CMO, founder of QAPop

“In my work it‘s critical to test ideas, hypotheses across a variety of industries.

The Ask Away feature is perfect for getting a different perspective on a challenge I’m dealing with or a quick validation of ideas I have.”

Lukas Mehnert
B2B SaaS Consultant

“As a Product Marketing Director at Kentico one of my biggest tasks is to create messaging that resonates with my audience.

OpinioAI provides me exactly that—super quick feedback and insights on my messaging, instantly.”

Miroslav Jirku
Director of Product Marketing at Kentico

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