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OpinioAI is a revolutionary tool that lets you tap into the power of synthetic data and sampling for your research needs.

Whether you are a marketer, a product manager, or an academic, you can get instant insights and feedback from your target personas without the hassle and cost of traditional methods.

Persona Builder

Use AI to help you build your buyer personas in detail. Define their interests, dreams, personal and professional frustrations and all the basic demographic traits. 

With the personas built you can then focus all your research & discoveries with relevant context.

Ask Away

Ask your predefined personas anything you like and they will respond with the much-needed relevancy, context and focus you need for your research.

Get help, advice or insights to any of your specific questions instantly. You can even ask it to help with content generation or review. 


Upload a raw dataset (.csv or .xlxs accepted), a report (in .pdf), research publication or an academic paper and have it processed and analyzed by OpinioAI.

Then you can ask it any question you would like about the file to uncover deeper insights. 

Evaluate messaging

Evaluating your positioning statements, value propositions, unique selling points, challenges, and more – all through the lens of your core personas.

Gain valuable insights, honest opinions, and actionable feedback to enhance your marketing strategy. 

The Future…

We’re working hard on introducing the ability to fine tune the models based on existing data, as well as implementing interviews, focus groups and help with mass synthetic data like surveys, as well as the data analysis.

What do our users say?

“Being a fractional CMO means that I have a lot of different personas I am thinking about in my work.

OpinoiAI‘s persona builder is a powerful tool for me to get to all those different perspectives that matter.”

Fabian Maume
Fractional CMO, founder of QAPop

“In my work it‘s critical to test ideas, hypotheses across a variety of industries.

The Ask Away feature is perfect for getting a different perspective on a challenge I’m dealing with or a quick validation of ideas I have.”

Lukas Mehnert
B2B SaaS Consultant

“As a Product Marketing Director at Kentico one of my biggest tasks is to create messaging that resonates with my audience.

OpinioAI provides me exactly that—super quick feedback and insights on my messaging, instantly.”

Miroslav Jirku
Director of Product Marketing at Kentico

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