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Get business critical insights, without bothering your customers with costly polls, surveys or interviews. With OpinioAI you can create AI personas and market segments you care about and understand their preferences, affinities & opinions.

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Who is OpinioAI for?

Whether you seek customers behavior insights, their reasons ‘why’ or looking to recycle data you have to fine-tune a custom AI model—OpinioAI is for you. 
And for much more…

You’re having a tough time speaking with your customers or buyers

With OpinioAI you can build synthetic representations of your buyers, customers and discuss anything you want with them.

From favorite brands, sports teams to hobbies and business challenges.

You’re looking to expand your reach to other markets 

OpinioAI to the rescue! You can use use OpinioAI and create synthetic segments unlocking insights from diverse audiences globally.

Ask them anything you like and receive the feedback you need for your strategic expansion.

You’re uncomfortable discussing pricing and packaging with your customers

Replicate your customers and discuss pricing in depth, width and from different angles. Try negotiating as well!

This way you don’t need to worry you’re affecting your relationships with your customers.

Recently you completed a survey, but need more insights

Use OpinioAI’s fine-tunning to build your own model on your own data.

This way you can recycle your previous research and gain insights you might missed previously.

You’re tight on budget and time, but need insights

OpinioAI democratizes research. Even with limited resources you can uncover valuable data to drive your business forward.

Efficient, effective, and budget-friendly—because insights shouldn’t break the bank.

You’re a student and can’t find anyone to answer your surveys 

OpinioAI eliminates the hassle of chasing respondents so you can focus on your research, not recruitment.

Get answers faster and in one place, ace your academic projects. 

Why does OpinioAI exist?

Because sometimes, to do your best, all you need is a simple opinion.

Large Language Models are a powerful statistical engines that can be used for synthetic sampling and synthetic data generation, i.e. to simulate humans and extract opinions in detail and with important nuance.

With OpinioAI we intend to further explore the possibilities of these AI models and how they can be used to help researchers to replace traditional data collection methods and work faster, easier and leaner.


AI powered market & product research

OpinioAI is uses AI language models to help you  get to relevant insights, data, opinions in a simple, scalable way—without relying on polls, surveys and other legacy methods.

You can start now for free and use the following features:

Persona Builder

Use AI to help you build your buyer personas in detail. Define their interests, dreams, frustrations and all the basic demographic traits.

With personas, focus all your research & discoveries with relevant focus.

Ask Away

Ask your predefined personas anything you like and they will respond with the much-needed relevancy and focus you need for your research.

Get help, advice or insights to any of your specific questions instantly.


Upload a dataset, a report, research publication or an academic paper and have it processed and analyzed by AI.

Then you can ask it any question you would like about the file, data or report you processed.

Evaluate messaging

Evaluate positioning statements, value propositions, USPs, challenges and more—all from the perspective of your core personas.

You’ll get an honest opinion and some feedback for improvements as well. 


We’re working hard on introducing the ability to fine tune the models based on existing data, as well as implementing interviews, focus groups and help with surveys and their analysis.

Tap into the synthetic minds

Getting opinions and insights from your target audience is never easy. Even if you successfully reach out to them, people usually have trouble spending more than a minute answering questions, leaving you with useless data.

With OpinioAI, you can use the power of AI models to get the data you need instantly. The feedback you receive from synthetic samples can augment or even replace human sampling.

Our platform is designed to help researchers source relevant insights, data, and opinions in a simple and scalable way.

You can use OpinioAI ti get the data you need without relying on polls, surveys, or other legacy methods.

What do our users say?

“Being a fractional CMO means that I have a lot of different personas I am thinking about in my work.

OpinoiAI‘s persona builder is a powerful tool for me to get to all those different perspectives that matter.”

Fabian Maume
Fractional CMO, founder of QAPop

“In my work it‘s critical to test ideas, hypotheses across a variety of industries.

The Ask Away feature is perfect for getting a different perspective on a challenge I’m dealing with or a quick validation of ideas I have.”

Lukas Mehnert
B2B SaaS Consultant

“As a Product Marketing Director at Kentico one of my biggest tasks is to create messaging that resonates with my audience.

OpinioAI provides me exactly that—super quick feedback and insights on my messaging, instantly.”

Miroslav Jirku
Director of Product Marketing at Kentico

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